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Everyone agrees: Ranksider is innovative


    Everyone agrees: Ranksider is innovative


The online marketing scene is enthusiastic


    The online marketing scene is enthusiastic

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We have backlinks from 25 euros

Our clean marketplace supports you in choosing the right backlinks. New publishers register in our marketplace every day. The choice is limitless. Sophisticated filter functions show you in seconds the publishers you are looking for. Dofollow, Nofollow, Sponsored – You decide whether the link affects your rankings. DA, visibility, traffic – Various metrics support you in your decision. Established processes guarantee you a quick implementation of your booking. Do you need help? Our team takes care of you if you need help.

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In just four steps to a successful campaign – 4, 3, 2, 1 – WOW

  • start campaign
    No Excel! No emails! Everything in the browser

    Campaigns have the advantage that topic-relevant publishers apply to your advertisement with a visible URL. You don’t have to rummage through the marketplace for suitable offers. A campaign is created in a few minutes.

  • Set details
    Thanks to templates in just a few minutes

    You can define various requirements so that not thousands of publishers apply to your advertisement. From which category would you like to receive applications? What metrics do websites need to have? Do you care about nofollow or dofollow links? Now set the language and the budget and your campaign will be created.

  • Select link sources
    Well-known publishers & massive traffic

    As soon as you have started your campaign, Ranksider will contact the publishers that match your criteria. Now they can place bids on your advertisement and you can decide from which websites you would like to have links from.

  • receive reports
    Punctual and reliable

    As soon as the booked links are online, you will receive a message and you can view all backlinks in the dashboard. If you start smiling by looking at your backlinks then we at Ranksider know have done a good job.

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  • P[AI]R

    P[AI]R is a metric developed by our company to evaluate link sources.

  • Calculation Basis

    Every publisher in our portfolio is put through its paces with the help of AI. Over a million data points are evaluated to calculate the P[AI]R.

  • Learn

    Our link building experts have evaluated thousands of publishers by hand so that P[AI]R could learn from them. The results will impress you.

  • Easy

    The algorithm for rating link sources ranges from 0 for bad to 100 for very good.

  • Experience

    P[AI]R was designed by Martin Brosy and developed together with a team of programmers and link building experts. Decades of experience lie behind this simple number.

  • Important

    With our metrics you can make your link building even more effective and efficient. Only spend your budget on links that are really worth it.

Yes, I want to find backlinks in the marketplace now

You don’t buy backlinks just anywhere, you buy them from Ranksider Register now without obligation

Register now without obligation

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More than a million euros
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Are you looking for a new revenue stream for your website? More than 8,000 companies are already registered on Ranksider, always looking for website placements. You receive high-quality orders and can decide for yourself whether you want to accept or reject a booking. The pricing is also up to you.

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Ranksider stands for reliable link building since 2011

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Martin Brosy would book on Ranksider

“Ranksider is the solution for independent link building and digital PR. With the huge selection of link sources, the customer often loses track. For this reason, we were the first marketplace in the world to develop an intelligent algorithm to evaluate our thousands of link sources. You have never decided on a backlink faster and more securely. Coupled with our excellent service, Ranksider becomes a reliable partner for your link building.”

Managing Partner, Lecturer at Reutlingen University & Academy for Search Engine Optimization in Berlin

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  • How much does a campaign cost?

    Posting a campaign is free. You determine the amount of the budget that you invest in a campaign. You transfer the money to your RankSider account and then accept the bids that are right for you. We only charge a fee of 5 euros if you do not select a bidder for a campaign and want to close the campaign.

  • What is the minimum budget?

    The minimum budget is 100 euros.

  • Are there any other fees?


  • Do I pay once or monthly?

    You pay once, per order.

  • Do I get an invoice?

    You will receive an invoice via email, which you can view in your RankSider account. You will receive the invoice for each payment from us and not separately from your contractors. You can call up a payment request in advance via your RankSider account.

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