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You want your product or company to be more widely known and relevant? An effective way to achieve that aim is to find your influencers, who talk about you. But instead of contacting Influencers one by one, you now have the opportunity to organize such processes via RankSider – with lower costs and very efficiently.

Efficient process, Lower costs.

On RankSider, you can choose from thousands of high-quality blogs, websites and social media accounts. Draw up your budget and launch your campaign - only those publishers who are eligible for your campaign are going to apply with their blogs and place a bid. Now you can choose the blogs or websites meeting to your expectations. The publisher would write his own content about your products or publish the content provided by you.
At the end of the campaign you will get a detailed reporting and there will be no additional charge. You receive an invoice for your payment.

You retain control.

RankSider accurately proves every single blog and website according to our high quality standards. Besides, we take the responsibility for the whole payment process. Any other details including the budget of the campaign, the selection of the publisher and the publishing approval succumb exclusively your conception.

Full cost control.

Your membership on RankSider is completely free of charge. You draw up your budget which can be distributed on a flexible number of blogs and websites. We refinance ourselves from a commission paid by the publishers, there are no costs incurred for you.

Sustainable results and steady success.

Generally, the content and links being ordered by you will remain permanently. To safeguard your content although, RankSider guarantees you a minimum existence of one year. In consequence of the constant inflow of new publishers, you can choose from a great selection of high-quality blogs, websites and social media accounts at any point of time, for any of your campaigns. Generate an arbitrary number of qualified Google hits for your project or company and start a campaign with RankSider.